Negativity Steals your Life Away

Negativity Steals your Life Away Negativity Steals your Life Away

In his article, “Never feel guilty about taking your success into your own hands“, Financially Drunk blogger points out that it is okay to think about yourself in a positive way even though it may not be in others’ interest. People annoy me when they have a negative outlook on life or if they are negative in general.  The reason they annoy me is that I am so optimistic.  I always say, “Find the bright side!”  All you have to do is think about how bad something could have been or think about how bad a situation is and you should be able to see a bright side.

Many folks think too much about the unfortunate events that have happened to them instead of trying to cause change that would help lessen the impact of such occurrences.  Life can and will be hard with all of its uncertainty and unknown avenues.  There will be times in a person’s life that will not be pleasant.

But, why would you choose to dwell on the side of depression.  Why delve into what could have been or what might be?  Of course, I am not suggesting that one should not dream.  I am suggesting that one should not adopt their own nightmares.  If you anticipate too much about the bad that might come your way, then are you not choosing to have nightmarish thoughts?  I choose the opposite.

If circumstances do not appear to be going in a positive direction, then I spend my time thinking about how I can improve, or how I can change the situation, instead of spending my time crying over what has happened.  You must have a good understanding of what is going on to correct predicaments that  are not positive.  I sometimes wonder how I came about having such a positive attitude and outlook.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out why.  Oh wait a minute… I think I jut did.

A positive outlook has kept me sane with a vibrant mind.  To me this has kept me full of life with a zest for living and learning.  I do not envy those who cannot see a bright side.  They must live in a world of darkness.  After all, time spent is time gone forever.  Spend your time wisely, and stay out of the darkness known as negativity.

How do you fight off negativity? What kind of things do you do to stay positive?


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