Gold Medal Flour Recall

Gold Medal Flour Recall Gold Medal Flour Recall

So I am sitting here working as the 5:00 pm news comes on. They said that they are recalling 45 million pounds of flour due to it having e Coli in it. Forty-five million pounds that is a lot of flour. The very basic ingredient used in most baked goods. Hard to imagine just how much space that amount of flour would take up. In other words, hard to get a visual on that!

Forty-six people have already gotten sick. So for god’s sake throw out any flour you have on hand. Don’t risk your life for those homemade chocolate chip cookies no matter how good they are. Don’t even think about it… even if you have already poured the chocolate chips in the batter. Throw it out and throw it out now. You can get a refund and more info about the story here if you care to take the time.

We are going to have to go back to basics and produce more of our own personal food ourselves. And what we cannot do for ourselves we can get with others who may have say a grinding mill, land plots and so forth. Sounds kind of archaic but it is the only way to rest assured that our food has been properly grown and cared for till it gets in our stomachs.

Okay I admit I don’t practice what I preach completely. However, I do try to buy all of my fruit and vegetables from the actual farmer on the corner. The farmer eats what he grows so if it is good enough for him, it is good enough for me. If I cannot get my produce directly from the farmer I at least try to buy organic whenever I can.

It is hard to find fruit and vegetables in the local grocery store that are grown within 1000 miles of where you live. Most of it comes from other countries where they don’t have the strict regulations (cough, cough) that the USA has.

How is it in your neck of the woods? Do you have access to fresh local produce? I see where more and more local farmers are coming together and holding markets on the weekend so a broader base of people can get fresh goods.

Well tell me the things you do to keep your food safe?

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