Cherish your Love

Cherish your Love Cherish your Love

Cherish your Love

Love is gentle,
Love is kind;
Love is forgiving,
Love is blind.

Love can feel,
Love can mend;
Love will heal,
Love will win.

As you stand side by side,
with minds open and hearts wide,
Cherish your love and the affection.
Let it carry you always in the right direction.

When you’re all those miles apart
your love still radiates in your hearts.
Communication through text and Skype
help to keep your love light bright.

The miles apart are merely distance
and can’t compete with your love’s existence.
The day will come when you’ll live as one,
Until then let love form.

When you start to feel any loneliness
remember the excitement last you kissed.
While sadness will sometimes creep in
remember your love deep within.

The two of you have a great chance,
even through distance and time difference,
to grow a love that will stand the test of time
and give to you both a life sublime.

Your lasting love is bound to make it
If you’re honest, and don’t just fake it.
Each of you must do your part
to cherish the love in your heart.

I write these words with inspiration and love,
knowing your marriage is blessed from above.
“He is incredible!”; “She’s a dream come true!”
I wish the very best in life for the both of you!

Love, Mom


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