Welcome to No Agenda, just Truth!

Welcome to No Agenda, just Truth!

We are here to just tell it like we see it! We hope all users will feel free to post their own truths about life and share meaningful information to help us all build a better future and to make sure we do not repeat past histories that have dismantled and rearranged life as we used to know it.

May the truth be told!

In service to honesty,
NAJT Team ~Disclaimer~ All information personally posted by NAJT team members is either truth or truth as we see it.

Do you Believe in Altruism?

I think there are many level of selfishness. I would say that most actions by most people have a bit ...
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Should we give to the poor?

I think we are obligated to give to the poor and less fortunate. However, I think it should be our ...
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sun-bright side

Negativity Steals your Life Away

In his article, "Never feel guilty about taking your success into your own hands", Financially Drunk blogger points out that ...
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Big Brother is watching you, but who is watching Big Brother?

It is clear that the debate will continue on about LPRs (License Plate Readers) and mass surveillance until either the ...
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Cherish your Love

Cherish your Love Love is gentle, Love is kind; Love is forgiving, Love is blind. Love can feel, Love can ...
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Alcohol Delivery Service

In a post named, "Drizly.com Alcohol Delivered" over at Financially Drunk it is mentioned that there is a new service ...
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Article IV of the Constitution

One of the States' obligation to one another is the "full faith and credit" clause which is in Article IV ...
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What a Difference a Century Makes

We live in a very diverse country. All people are different really. So while diversity has been a hot topic ...
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man thinking

Politically Influenced

How does one develop their own political ideals? There are four main agents of political socialization that help to develop ...
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All Dance Zone

I came across these videos on YouTube.  I think it is great that our soldiers are taking time out to ...
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